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Richard Scheffler Appointed to Healthy California for All Commission by Governor Gavin Newsom

On December 18, 2019, Governor Gavin Newsom named Richard Scheffler to the newly created Healthy California for All Commission. The Commission includes 26 members, comprising 13 voting members, eight gubernatorial appointees, four legislative appointees, and five ex-officio, non-voting members. The goal is to develop a plan that would guide the state toward a unified health care system, with broad coverage and access through a single or coordinated financing system, but not limited to a single payer financing system. 

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Professor Scheffler Debates Medicare-for-All

On Thursday, November 18, Professor Scheffler partook in a debate at the UC Berkeley campus centered on Medicare-for-All. The event was hosted by the Berkeley Conservative Society and the campus Center on Civility & Democratic Engagement. Scheffler and Sally Pipes, president and CEO of the Pacific Research Institute, took opposing sides, with Scheffler supporting the proposal and Pipes arguing against it. Scheffler reasoned that the high cost of healthcare in its current state, including the $38 billion price tag of private insurance last year and excess costs due to the inefficiencies created by the disjointed system, would be reduced through a unified, national healthcare system.

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Petris Center Research Featured in The Economist

On November 21, 2019, The Economist published an article titled “Donald Trump wants hospitals to be more upfront about prices,” referenced a study conducted by Brent Fulton as part of the Petris Center. Fulton found that 90% of American hospital markets were highly concentrated. Additionally, the percent of highly concentrated primary-care physician markets has nearly doubled since 2010, growing from 20% to over 40% in just eight years. 

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Petris Center study cited in New York Times Article

On Thursday, October 3rd, a Petris Center report showing increasing hospital and physician consolidation was included in an article centered on the Sutter Health trial in California. Professor Scheffler was quoted, saying that physician group acquisitions largely go unnoticed despite contributed to an already growing hospital consolidation and market power in the state.

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California Healthline quotes Professor Scheffler in recent article

On September 9th, Professor Scheffler was quoted in an article in California Healthline surrounding the upcoming Sutter Health trial on September 23rd. Sutter has been accused of infringing on antitrust laws in the state by decreasing competition and ultimately overcharging patients. Scheffler was quoted saying, “One of the reasons we have such a big problem [with consolidation] is that they’ve done very little. Enforcement has been very weak.”

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Professor Scheffler quoted in LA Times Article focused on antitrust enforcement

On September 9th, the Los Angeles Times published an article discussing the high price tag of healthcare in Northern California in light of the ongoing Sutter Health trial. Professor Scheffler was commented on the lack of adequate enforcement of dominant hospital systems in the state. The piece also highlights increasing hospital consolidation in the state as well as anticompetitive contract provisions.

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Professor Scheffler quoted in Sacramento Bee

On July 23, 2019, Professor Scheffler was quoted in the Sacramento Bee in a piece titled “California’s health care spending is actually hurting our health, researchers say.” The articles describes the high cost of care in the state that restricts access to quality care following the publication of a Lown Institute report titled “California’s health paradox: Too much health care spending may lead to poor community health.” Scheffler points to capitation as a possible solution to increasing health prices rather than global budgeting.

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“Implementing Population Health In The US: Lessons From Spain” published in Health Affairs blog

On July 9, 2019, Health Affairs published a blog post written by Roberto Nuño-Solinís, Stephen Shortell, Richard Scheffler, and Meg Kellogg. The post underscores strategies for better achieving population health in the US based off of the Basque region’s successful implementation of specific programs. These include consumer engagement, the development of IHOs, an emphasis on prevention, a broad-based integrated personal health record, and an effort toward cross-sector funding. The post concludes that “these are important lessons for the US, but ongoing evaluation of population health initiatives in all countries is needed to enhance the learning that can contribute to better health.”

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Petris Center Blog Post published in Health Affairs

On June 26. 2019, Health Affairs published a blog post written by Steve Shortell, Richard Scheffler, Shivi Anand, and Daniel Arnold. The post highlights California’s experience with integrated delivery systems—specifically, integrated care model physician organizations; provides new evidence on their ability to provide lower-cost, higher-quality, value-based care; and, proposes a plan by which a state could expand such models to meet the needs of increasing numbers of people who would gain access to care under universal coverage. 

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