New World Bank Booked Edited By Dr. Scheffler: Health Labor Market Analyses in Low and Middle Income Countries


screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-11-39-33-amThe World Bank has just published a new book edited by Dr. Scheffler, Health Labor Market Analyses in Low and Middle Income Countries.

Health Labor Market Analyses in Low and Middle Income Countries contains extensive collation of tools and data needs for health labor market analyses in low- and middle-income countries provides pragmatic guidance and concrete examples to address many of the challenges that universal health coverage and the health workforce face. These challenges include a potential deficit of 15 million health workers by 2030, the majority of these in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), while at the same time population growth, demographic and epidemiological transitions, and economic growth are creating additional demand for social and health care – needs equally challenged by the existing constraints on the technical and financial resources available.


The book offers planners and policy makers practical approaches to how they can assess the labor market capacity to recruit, deploy, and retain health workers; explore health worker preferences and motivation drivers; and develop the most appropriate workforce deployment, remuneration, and retention strategies through financial and nonfinancial interventions. Devising and implementing effective strategies to optimize health labor markets is key to improved health workforce availability, accessibility, and performance—a prerequisite for the attainment of universal health coverage and health goals more broadly. In addition, there is potential to link this work to employment, fiscal, and education policies that can unlock economic growth potential through the creation of employment opportunities and decent jobs, making the health sector a key contributor to economic growth and socioeconomic development at large.

Health Labor Market Analyses in Low and Middle Income Countries is available for free download as a PDF here.