Insurer Market Power Lowers Hospital and Physician Payment Rates: Scheffler and Arnold’s Research featured in Open Minds

Dr. Scheffler and Arnold’s new research on health care market concentration was featured in Open Minds this week, which provides daily market intelligence and industry analysis for executives in behavioral health, mental health, and social services. The Open Minds piece, titled “Insurer Market Power Lowers Hospital & Physician Payment Rates”, discusses Scheffler and Arnold’s findings as reported in their Health Affairs article “Insurer Market Power Lowers Prices In Numerous Concentrated Provider Markets”, which found that insurers have the bargaining power to reduce provider prices in highly concentrated provider markets. In particular, hospital admission prices and cardiologist, radiologist, and hematologist/oncologist visit prices were all lower.

You can access the abstract of the Open Minds article here; full text access is limited to subscribers.