Professor Richard Scheffler Interviewed on KCBS

On April 20th, Professor Scheffler was interviewed on KCBS Radio regarding a recent study describing the dramatic uptick in anxiety disorder among millennials. The study found the increase in anxiety disorder to be associated with financial strain and increased screen time on social networks.

To listen to the interview, click here

Jefferson Public Radio Hosts Dr. Scheffler to Discuss Future of CA Health Insurance

The Petris Center Director, Dr. Richard Scheffler, recently had the opportunity to discuss several aspects of California healthcare with a host of Jefferson Public Radio, Geoffrey Riley.

Some of these topics included California’s leading policy charges for the nation, and how this state’s moves will influence the rest of the country. Scheffler offers guidance on whether the state should continue supporting the ACA or move towards a single-payer system. The interview focuses more in insurance options and their respective viabilities for the Golden State.

Listen to the full remarks here.

Dr. Scheffler Showcases Petris Report in Santa Monica Forum: Health and Health Care in California

In September, Petris Center Director Dr. Richard Scheffler was able to present at a Health Affairs forum located at the RAND Corporation’s Santa Monica Headquarters in Los Angeles. The day-long event featured a variety of related topics including hospital consolidation, universal health care, and diversity disparities in care. California Health Secretary Michael Wilkening presented opening remarks, followed by a series of presenters including Dr. Scheffler, who showcased the Petris Center report “Consolidation Trends In California: Impacts On ACA Premiums And Physician Prices For Outpatient Services.”

Watch the webcast of the full forum here.

A more detailed list of topics and attendees can be found here.

Read the full Petris report through Health Affairs here.

Petris Director Dr. Scheffler’s Analysis Featured in SF Chronicle Article Discussing the Shelving of SB538

Although the bill was withdrawn, state Sen. Bill Monning’s SB538 aimed to end the “all-or-nothing” contracting practice in hospital consolidation, which effectively grants large health systems and their affiliates greater power to set regional prices. Petris Director Richard Scheffler’s analysis demonstrated significant price differences between Northern and Southern California, directly tying into these effects of hospital consolidation. His research shows 20-30% higher prices in Northern California, and it was also included in the basis for CA Attorney General Xavier Becerra’s lawsuit against Sutter for anticompetitive business practices.

You can read the full SF Chronicle article that features his research in its discussion of SB 538 here.


Dr. Scheffler Featured on KCRW Discussing Pros and Cons of AB 3087

Petris Center Director Dr. Scheffler recently joined Dr. Mazer from the California Medical Association to discuss AB 3087 on KCRW radio. The station describes that the new California bill would “allow the state to set prices for healthcare, including doctor’s appointments, surgery and hospital stays.” Prices would be based off Medicare rates and then be determined by this new independent commission. Democratic Assemblyman Ash Kalra (San Jose) introduced the bill on April 9th.

The pros and cons are discussed fully here.

Dr. Scheffler Discusses New Petris Study on KRON 4 News

Dr. Scheffler was interviewed on KRON 4 News yesterday about the new Petris Center report “Consolidation in California’s Health Care Market 2010-2016: Impact on Prices and ACA Premiums.” The interview focused on the study’s finding that healthcare prices were 30% higher in Northern California than in Southern California, even after adjusting for the region’s higher cost of living. These higher prices are correlated with higher consolidation, which leaves consumers with fewer choices for their healthcare and gives hospitals and insurers the ability to charge more.

You can watch the video of the interview with KRON 4 here.

You can read the full Petris Center report here, and can listen to the audio of the press conference with Attorney General Becerra and Dr. Scheffler announcing the report here.

Dr. Scheffler Interviewed on ABC 7 News About New Petris Study Connecting California’s High Healthcare Costs and Market Concentration

ABC 7 News interviewed Petris Center Director Dr. Richard Scheffler about the Petris Center’s newly released study “Consolidation in California’s Health Care Market 2010-2016: Impact on Prices and ACA Premiums.” The study found the rapid acceleration of market concentration in California, and importantly, that highly concentrated markets are associated with higher healthcare costs for consumers – including that healthcare prices can cost up to 30% more in Northern California than in Southern California. In the interview, Dr. Scheffler discusses how these high prices are affecting consumers and how the California Attorney General’s office will investigate this consolidation and its impacts on prices.

You can watch the full video of ABC 7’s interview and report here.

You can read the full Petris Center report here, and can listen to the audio of the press conference with Attorney General Becerra and Dr. Scheffler announcing the report here.

Dr. Scheffler Interviewed on KCBS Radio about CVS-Aetna Merger

On December 3rd, drug retailer CVS and health insurer Aetna announced their companies’ $69-billion merger deal. Aetna’s CEO Mark Bertolini said the deal will “dramatically further empower consumers,” while Larry J. Merlo, president and CEO of CVS Health, said it will “create a platform that is easier to use and less expensive for consumers.”

Are these claims true, and could the merger actually help benefit consumers with lower prices? Dr. Scheffler weighed in on the consumer impacts of the merger today in an interview on KCBS radio. You can listen to the full audio of his interview here.

Dr. Scheffler Talks Costs of California Single Payer Bill with Capital & Main

Last week, Senator Bernie Sanders unveiled a new “Medicare for All” bill with the support of 16 Democratic senators. Single-payer advocates and health-care experts say Sanders’ proposal could inject new momentum for single payer in California, where a single payer bill (SB-562) passed the state senate before stalling in the Assembly in June. To understand the potential costs, revenue sources, and the role of the 2018 governor’s race in influencing a California single payer proposal, Capital & Main, an online publication covering pressing economic and social topics in California, interviewed Dr. Scheffler. You can read the full article here.

AirTalk Interview: Dr. Scheffler Weighs in on Bernie Sander’s Universal Healthcare Bill

On September 13th, Senator Bernie Sanders publicly unveiled a new version of his single-payer healthcare bill. The bill is increasingly gaining traction from prominent Democratic senators – but aside from political debate, what does universal health care need to succeed in America? 89.3 KPCC’s AirTalk dives into analysis with economists and policy experts, including a discussion of the economic considerations single payer and universal healthcare with Petris Center Director Dr. Scheffler.

You can listen to the full AirTalk Segment here. Dr. Scheffler’s comments run from 29:45 – 43:03